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Anger Management treatment by Dr. Tsan

Anger management is what you probably need if you suddenly realized or somebody told you that you are getting into recurrent fights (verbal or physical) or arguing with people Angerfor no reason. If you are losing the ability to govern your irritability and it happens too often you may need a treatment for angriness.

In general, an anger is a common human’s type of emotion and does not require any medical intervention unless it runs out of control. Uncontrollable anger may become harmful for business, social and personal relationships. In addition, people with uncontrollable anger usually suffer from different physical health disorders because the altered by angriness state of mind always causes corporeal medical conditions.

Clinical Hypnosis and medical hypnotherapy help patients to advance an ability of controlling over the anger emotions, and this method usually called – anger management.  As a result, an individual becomes capable to express emotional reactions properly. Clinical Hypnosis and medical hypnotherapy as techniques of anger management result in changing individual’s way of interpretation of different life circumstances as well as way of handling of these situations.  For example, the correct hypnotherapeutic instruction will help patient to express any kind of feelings without sadness or aggression when patient feels abused or.

Internationally recognized hypnotherapist Dr. Tsan successfully treats Anger disorders for more than 35+ years of his medical career.

At the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic, Dr. Tsan, hypnotists and clinical hypnotherapists is “injecting” in patient’s subconscious mind the habit of handling of emotions logically, appropriately and without dropping control.

The most famous hypnotherapists in Europe and United States have trained Dr. Tsan in 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and many other techniques suitable for anger management.

Dr. Tsan never performs a group hypnosis unless a group of patients (friends) asks him. His is hypnotizing one-on-one in the specially decorated room that he calls “HYPNOTARIUM”. “Only one-on-one with a patient” – Dr. Tsan says – “I can dig deep enough into the history of the emotional distress and find that small event, which happened maybe 20 years ago and which in recent days causes angriness in each particular patient.” Each individual is different and the way the emotional disorders develop is different in each clinical case. That logically means that the treatment strategy must be different. The diagnosis should reflect the mechanism of development of a particular disorder in particular patient and only in this case the diagnosis will dictate the proper treatment selection.

After an appropriate diagnostic assessment, Dr. Tsan is able to help patients:

  1. Eradicate the passionate factors, which cause an anger
  2. Progress natural aptitude to discharge an anger.
  3. Improve the ability of governing of your anger emotion.

Allow Dr. Tsan to reinstruct your emotional behavior and to manage your anger.

Dr. Tsan personally does not like even the term “anger management”, because it contains a presumption that a patient is angry. “Isn’t it much more efficient to merely exclude angriness from the set of available emotions than manage it?” – Dr. Tsan asks. Angriness should not exist or be 100% controllable by individual. In both cases, there is no need for “anger management”.

Anger is destructive. 

Very often anger could be – damaging. It may hurt individual’s family relationships, social connections, business, etc. While this emotion takes full control over the state of mind, individual may become aggressive, wild and abusive. Angriness in many occasions switches to regret in a matter of minutes however by that time the “damage is done”. At some point, episodes of anger become a simple habit and from physiological point of view.

Many faces of anger

Anger may be noticeable in numerous of diverse circumstances. On occasion, it initiates by an insignificant incident, which then develops into aggressive reaction, which results in anger eruption. Another time an individual may come home in a bad mood after some incident at work that was not resolved and in this case, anything may cause the anger to outburst. In addition, an anger may be initiated by excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs.

At Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic Dr. Tsan successfully treats patients, which are suffering from anger using clinical hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming.

Instead of well known anger managemen” Dr. Tsan performs hypnosis that eliminates anger from the set of emotions available for patient. By using specific instructions Dr. Tsan alters you set of mind and as a result the anger does not initiate regardless of circumstances. The individual internally changes the way of reaction to “provocative” events from anger to constructive actions.

Life regression procedure for anger management.

Additionally, Dr. Tsan uses a “life regression” technique to bring patients recollections deep into the past to find the first situation when anger flared up. In ideal case scenario Dr. Tsan finds the initial event that triggered anger and then while patient is in trance condition Dr. Tsan wipes out this event from the individual’s memory. Traditionally, hypnotherapy is one of the most effective methods for anger management and in the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic, we successfully use it in different forms and varieties.

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