Clinical hypnosis by Dr. Tsan

Clinical Hypnosis is the official method of treatment.

The field of hypnosis in the wake of globalization has experienced a significant increase in attention and interest from people. The numerous benefits that can be gotten from hypnosis are gradually coming to the knowledge of people. Hypnosis no longer bears the negative trademark ascribed to it as some black magic or occult science. It is being used to treat different medical and psychological conditions in this modern era by the medical fraternity. Notably, certain positive messages are conveyed to the subconscious of the patient during a clinical hypnosis session.


Hypnosis, what is this all about?

Clinical hypnosis is a practical way of communicating with the subconscious mind of a person in such a way that behavioral changes and patterns are established. These changes and patterns are identified in a bid to improve the appearance, lifestyle, and the health of an individual. Importantly, clinical hypnosis is usually carried out by qualified and certified medical experts with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the functions of the human body. These professionals are skilled and astute at identifying the most appropriate ways to approach significant changes in our behavioral patterns because individuals are with different peculiarities. Hence, each person will require a different approach to address a certain kind of problem to ensure a successful treatment.

Clinical Hypnosis becomes popular.

Clinical hypnosis is becoming more popular than ever, since there exist no known replacement or equivalent to it when treating behavioral challenges. There are millions of people around the globe who have immensely benefitted from this system of treatment. Even though there are numerous surgical procedures and drugs readily available in the market today, clinical hypnosis has evolved to be a viable and famous alternative to these options as it has been proven to be with no track record of side effects. It is an effective way to quit addictions such as smoking and alcoholism. It has also been tested and proven to be an efficient way of addressing depression, weight loss, and building and developing a person’s self-esteem and confidence.  The medical fraternity widely uses clinical hypnosis for assisting patients to suppress pain arising out of terrible medical situations such as cancer. Interestingly, many more people are considering hypnosis as a possible solution to all their problems.

In contrast to erroneous widely held views, hypnosis has no link or affiliation with magic. A successful clinical hypnosis session requires the full cooperation of the patient. The disposition and attitude of the patient in addition to their belief and trust in the therapist is a major determinant of the success rate of treatment using hypnosis. It should be noted that the timeframe of treatment using this method may vary, depending on the individual. For an example, while it may take only a session or two for a person to respond to treatment, it may take several sessions for another person. Patience is thus an indispensable key to having successful results using this method of treatment.

Clinical hypnosis is never a brainwash! It is a system of engaging an individual’s body and mind to take charge and control of certain situations in their life in order to transform such into something positive. The system is safe and seamless such that it can be self-administered by consulting some helpful books that elucidate on how to get a better understanding of your own mind and body.

CDs and DVDs can also walk you through the process to ensure you are doing it right and to guarantee that you would get the expected result.

Clinical hypnosis is acutely different from self-hypnosis because the service of an expert and experienced hypnotist is required. It is advantageous because a professional hypnotist can give valuable pieces of advice after critically assessing your physical condition. Thus, it is imperative that you choose an experienced and expert hypnotist to perform hypnotherapy. Subjecting yourself to treatment by an inexperienced and unprofessional therapist may result in extreme reactions. An online directory search will link you with several clinical psychologists, and you can assist you in a professional way with the process.

Notably, the timeframe in which one would experience significant results from clinical hypnosis differs for each person, but it is safe to assert that an immediate and perfect result should not be expected by anyone after just a session. You would need to be patient to perform and repeat the procedure as many times as required in the exact manner instructed. The success of the treatment is jeopardized if you break the pattern in any way and you would have to begin all over again. Be reminded that your mind and body will undergo series of changes as you undergo clinical hypnosis, especially if you are trying to overcome a bad habit or rise above depression. These cases need extra work, dedication, and commitment on your part because it takes longer to overcome than other issues.

The upshot is that your hard work and perseverance will not end in futility. Clinical hypnosis can bring unprecedented improvement to your life in countless ways. Take for an instance, if you are struggling with depression, rising above it and gaining a more positive posture in life may be the best thing that you will experience. This will enhance your life and social interaction in diverse ways, enjoying a healthier and happier life. Be sure to discuss with a professional before you carry it out at home. This is to ensure that you have all the knowledge and information you need and that you can fully explore the method.

In conclusion, clinical hypnosis has become a widely known treatment method in the global space with increasing participation from people. Importantly, it can help you in every area of your life when carried out as specified and instructed by the experts, and you can enjoy a long, happy and healthy life without medications, which always come with side effects.  It is advisable that you learn about hypnosis before you begin any experimentation and possibly attend different professional sessions in order to experience and feel the actual effects from an expert before you try it on your own.

At Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic internationally recognized clinical hypnotherapist and medical doctor Victor Tsan performs treatments using most advanced techniques: hypnotherapy, life regression, neuro-linguistic programming, eye movement integration therapy and more. Dr. Tsan is not just a hypnotist, he is a physician certified in medical hypnotherapy. His strongest side is that as a medical doctor he understands the root of medical problem, the mechanism of the illness and the way the disease is developing in each particular patient.

Individualization of treatment – that is what make hypnosis the leading method for many clinical disorders. “Each patient is different”, – Dr. Tsan says, “… and whatever will induce one patient into trance state would frighten another individual”.

“Use of standard scripts, written in books and sold on internet makes hypnosis ineffective”, – Dr. Tsan continue – “Only professional hypnotherapist with strong medical background is able to discover the problem and reveal the connections between different areas of a patient’s brain that have developed some kind of malfunction and are functioning incorrect”.

Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis refers to the state of induction of consciousness where an individual becomes highly responsive to direction or suggestion while losing the voluntary action power.  According to the American Psychology association, hypnosis is the cooperative interaction where the participant reacts to the suggestion from the hypnotist.  Additionally, as revealed through statistics, Philadelphia has been noted as the best place with specialists who offer hypnosis.  The general characteristics of hypnosis involve the trance state attributed with extreme relaxation, suggestibility and imagination. This is not the real sleep but it may be compared with the daydreaming.  During hypnosis the individual experience heightened concentration and focus. The individual may concentrate more on a certain memory or thought while keeping away any source of interaction. According to researchers from Philadelphia, a hypnotized person will appear to pay attention to the communications of hypnotist responding to the naive automatic fashion while abandoning all the environmental aspects except those pointed to him or her by the hypnotist.  The individual smells, feels, sees and perceives based on the suggestions of the hypnotist despite the fact that the primary suggestions may be contradicting the impinging stimuli.  Many scientists reveal that the hypnotic suggestions are explicitly making the use of the placebo effect. Despite the fact that the effects of hypnosis vary from one person to the other, most of the hypnotized people reveal the feeling of extreme relaxation or sense of aloofness during the real state of hypnotic.  Other individuals reveal the feel of their actions occurring outside the conscious volition. As divulged by specialists from Philadelphia, some people may remain in a position to undertake any conversation and been aware of the situation of hypnosis. Scientists urge that hypnosis can be used in treating some chronic pain like rheumatoid arthritis, pain reduction during child delivery, reducing the dementia symptoms, and controlling pain during the dental process. Moreover, hypnosis can be used in reducing vomiting and nausea for patients suffering from cancer when undergoing the process of chemotherapy. It is also used in the reduction and elimination of some skin conditions involving psoriasis and warts.


Hypnotherapy is complementary therapy which utilizes hypnosis. As a complementary therapy, hypnotherapy uses the positive suggestion power to come up with the change in subconscious to feelings, behavior and thoughts.

Hypnotherapy in Philadelphia

The process of hypnotherapy aims at changing the state of consciousness in a certain approach to relax the conscious part of the individual mind while stimulating simultaneously and focusing the other subconscious part.   Notably, hypnotherapy is useful for treating the habit of breaking the stress associated issues. As depicted through research, the best place to get hypnotherapy treatment is in the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic. This has been recognized as the best place for patients searching hypnotherapy. They can visit the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic since this has been noted as the best clinic with qualified specialists in hypnotherapy. This clinic deals with different types of hypnotherapy which include suggestion or traditional hypnotherapy. This type of hypnotherapy engages the therapist conveying several suggestions   within the subconscious mind with the aim of influencing positively the behaviors, feelings and thoughts. Generally, suggestion or traditional hypnotherapy is employed when there is no major cause to address or to foster short term change with little number of sessions. Other types of hypnotherapy addressed in the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic include hypno-psychotherapy, analytical hypnotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and behavioral hypnotherapy.  The hypno-psychotherapy is an interactive approach which uses the technique that assist in the deeper problems which cannot be addressed through the hypnotherapy alone.  This allows the therapist to utilize their skills and training in psychotherapy to offer the empathetic and supportive therapeutic relationship.  Moreover, the analytical hypnotherapy utilizes the techniques and concepts of psychotherapy in order to address and understand the deeper concerns of the patient. This assists in getting the remote cause of the problem. In the clinical hypnotherapy the individual receives hypnotherapy   from specialized hypnotherapists who has the healthcare background.  On the other side, the behavioral hypnotherapy is the best modern scientific method in therapy which combines both the hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to offer a positive influence in the cognitive, behavioral, emotional and symptomatic change.  This type of hypnotherapy draws influence from a wide range of varied theories such as neuroscience, psychology, NLP and evolutionary psychology. These theories are combined with the personal objectives of the hypnotherapist to offer the solution.

Hypnotherapy vs. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

The Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a method of communication, psychotherapy and personal development which was created by John Gringer and Richard from California in United States. Notably, as revealed by John Gringer and Richard Bandler, NLP is the science and art of excellence obtained from the study of how top individuals in various fields gain their outstanding outcomes. Some these communication skills are important for learning in order to improve personal and professional effectiveness. NLP was created to allow people to perform magic through developing unique understanding ways on how the non-verbal and verbal communications affects the brain of human beings. It presents people with the chance not only for better communication with other people but also learn  on how to take control over on what is referred as automatic functions of personal neurology. Today, NLP in therapies has developed in innumerable directions. Experts in movement, education and healing arts combine NLP concepts and techniques within their disciplines to improve the rating and confidence of their students.  In other areas NLP is used to increase the effectiveness and maintaining of power in therapeutic message, Shamanistic studies and teaching some effectiveness in spelling strategies. There are different clinics in USA which treat using the NLP but the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic has been rated as the best clinic offering NLP in USA.  Statistics reveal that the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic has the most specialist professionals in NLP and receive clients not only from USA but also from other continents. These professionals in Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic have been influential in imparting important communication skills employed by many influential people like public speakers and politicians in USA.


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