Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment – habit and disease

Alcohol addiction turns out to be a problem when a person is incapable of surviving without it, and when alcohol consumption stops an individual from living an active, healthy and happy life.

alcohol addiction treatment philadelphiaThe medical condition when the overpowering craving for spirits prevails an ability to avoid consumption is usually referred as an alcohol addiction. Similar to other dependencies, alcohol addiction may be tremendously difficult to fight and an individual may experience difficulties to even accept the fact of the existence of this problem.

Alcohol dependence may results in broken relationships due to the inappropriate (aggressive, wild, physical) behavior of the drunk person. People with dependency to alcohol very often become indifferent to their career development and financial status. Apathy is a very common form of reaction to the outside world for individuals, who are suffering from alcohol addiction. Contact with Dr. Tsan today for alcohol addiction treatment Philadelphia. Many of them even have some suicide thoughts. If this is the case a professional medical (mental) care is necessary to control further development of the pattern. Most of the people who are free from alcohol addiction cannot even accept the fact that someone is unable to stop drinking and “agree” to lose job, money, family, love, etc. in exchange for a drink. In reality, however, a necessity for alcohol consumption in addicted individuals is as mandatory as a necessity for a healthy person to drink water or to eat food. At some point, many of addicts experience emotional state of remorse, embarrassment and regret. They understand the necessity of breaking the pattern, however, the physiological aspect of this disorder keeps them in the same state causing even deeper depression.

What is the edge between normal drinking and alcohol addiction?

Consuming of a reasonable amount of spirits does not point to an alcohol addiction. Lots of people drink alcoholic beverages and still are not addicted to it. Government recommendations acclaim that females consume less than three drinks daily, and males less than four. One “drink” is virtually compatible to a 25 ml of hard alcohol beverages (cognac, vodka, rum), or 125 ml of dry wine, a 16 – 22 oz. of beer.

It is a known fact that the excessive consumption of alcohol may cause or deteriorate a development of some pathological medical conditions. The list of those conditions includes hepatic cirrhosis, cardiac diseases, melancholy, nervousness, and impairment of the brain. Studies suggest that nearly a quarter of males and 15-17 percent of female consume a number of spirits that is sufficient to significantly increase the risk of development of different medical disorders associated with alcohol.

Alcohol Addiction Symptoms:

  • tenacious consumption of spirits;
  • a resilient craving to consume alcohol;
  • inability to control the amount of alcohol consumed;
  • fluctuations of the frame of mind;
  • deficiency of attentiveness;
  • insufficient ability to memorize;
  • going up or down tolerance to spirits;
  • the absence of interest in other than drinking life events.

Somatic symptoms accompanying alcohol addiction are the unsettled stomach, perspiring, nervousness and trembling.

Causes of alcohol addiction

A numerous of physical, environmental, emotional and social factors may stimulate a development of alcohol addiction treatment Philadelphia. The list of these factors includes:

Alcohol addiction treatment Philadelphia:

Most of the individuals, who suffer from alcohol addiction are trying to mask it from society. Also, many people do not even accept the fact that they are addicted. As a result, alcohol addicted people not usually undergo any treatment and allow the disease (alcohol addiction) to progress.

At the same time, numerous of alcoholics are capable of reconstituting their lives and governing the addiction pattern with the correct case management and support.

Hypnotherapy in different forms is the leading method of treatment of addictions in general and alcohol addiction particularly. Hypnotherapeutic induction allows a practitioner to contact a patient’s subconscious mind and expose the core source of the disorder. In many cases, the hypnotherapist may perform life regression procedure to understand when and why the patient had a 1st drink in a lifetime. By placing patient to that “virtual past time” clinical hypnotist may virtually prevent the individual from drinking very first shot and when the patient returns back from the trance the recollection about drinking habit wiped out.

At Philadelphia Addiction Center Dr. Tsan has extensive experience in alcohol addiction treatment Philadelphia. The complexed technique that includes acupuncture detoxification protocol NADA and Hypnotic protocol Anti-Alcohol developed by Dr. Tsan along with the use of French device Esperal makes the effectiveness of Dr. Tsan’s treatment as high as 99%.

The individual in the recording below is our patient. He was alcoholic for years and after treatment performed by Dr. Tsan he was completely ok and addiction free. One day he decided to check if Esperal works. He got two shots of cognac and…. See what happened 20 minutes later. When patient’s wife called me, I came to their apartment and had nothing to do but tape a video. There are no antidotes that can help if the Esperal kicked off. Next day my patient came to my office and asked me to post this video. He said “I want people to know how it works. They may decide not to get it implanted, but I do not want anyone to feel what I felt.”  With his permission, we are publishing this video.


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