Hypnosis for Attention Deficit Disorders – ADD ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorders – ADD ADHD

There are so many alternative healing techniques for different diseases. Hypnosis is one of them. Hypnosis can benefit as an alternative Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD) treatment helping those who suffer from inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc.

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD are:

  • Patients can easy be distracted
  • Hard to keep the mind on one task, lesson or conversation
  • Before completing the task they get bored
  • They always skip details
  • They make careless mistakes
  • Disorganization and forgetfulness
  • Difficulty in following instructions

Attention Deficit Disorder - ADD and ADHD treatment in Philadelphia

There is a lot of research done for Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD. It affects so many people, not just the person diagnosed with ADHD, but family, friends, and acquaintances as well. ADHD has a major impact on school performance and relationships with others.  Finding natural and non-invasive techniques to treat ADHD is very important.

What is Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Both ADD and ADHD are disorders that affect children. These syndromes are characterized by many symptoms, including an inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, restlessness and mood swings. The primary cause is chemical imbalances in the brain. Secondary symptoms of ADD and ADHD include insomnia, nervousness and a lack of creativity in children.

Hypnotherapy for ADD and ADHD

Hypnotherapy is an alternative treatment that can be used to find out the range of conditions including ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Some of the patients have just one condition, attention deficit, and other individuals may have both attention deficit and hyperactivity too. From ADD and ADHD can suffer both adults and children, and hypnotherapy is beneficial for both of them. Hypnosis can be most useful in helping to resolve any of the issues that have occurred as a result of the individual’s lack of self-control.  There are often many number of childhood traumas that plague these people and life regression hypnotherapy technique can be very useful in getting those traumas discovered and healed in the past while patient is in trance.

Suffers from hyperactive or impulsive symptoms of ADHD are always in motion. Sitting can be very difficult for them. They want to try many activities or things at once, but never finishing any and can’t stand to concentrate on either of the activities.

Children suffering the hyperactive/impulsive form of

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder manifest the following symptoms:

  • They are having trouble sitting and  are always in motion, jumping around
  • They are constantly running and climbing from one to another point, inappropriately
  • Can’t stay quiet and calm
  • They talk in high speed, with no intention of stopping
  • Saying the answers before questions are completed
  • They have difficulty waiting for something
  • Interrupt or intrude on others

Now the right question is what Hypnotherapy for either ADD or ADHD is all about?!

Hypnotherapy is healing technique when a patient has been hypnotized. Hypnosis can be described as a state of relaxation and concentration. The patient is still aware of what is happening in their environment. If the hypnosis is being done with the guidance of a trained hypnotherapist, it is perfectly safe. Besides ADD and ADHD, hypnotherapy is used to treat a various other conditions, including anxiety, asthma, phobias, insomnia, stress and panic attacks.  Hypnosis is working on developing concentration by teaching a patient to focus on one thing/task or thought at a time.

Main Techniques & Suggestions for ADD and ADHD

  • Establishing a switch to automatically enter into the ‘calm state’ when desired.
  • Effective ways to enhance listening and communication skills
  • Binaural beats to establish harmony between the right & left sides of the brain
  • How to switch off an over active imagination and thought process
  • Transferring extra mental energy into more proactive uses

How Can Hypnotherapy Help for ADD and ADHD?

Hypnotherapy can help ADD and ADHD patients to transform their behaviors, to gain sense of control and self-control, to increase their self-esteem and competence, and to reduce stress level. Hypnotherapist can use either hypnosis or neuro-linguistic programming to concentrate the patients mind on founding the reason of negative behavior and resolving it. Hypnosis can give a person with ADD or ADHD the feeling of being in charge of his behavior. It is very helpful when it is integrated in the treatment on time, while the patient is in his age developing period. It may not always help in depth but can slow down the increasing process and to stabilize the momentary state.


  • Improved concentration and attention to details
  • Improved organizational skills
  • Improve self-control
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increase self talk
  • Improved behavior
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Reduce nervousness
  • Reduce frustration
  • Positive attitude
  • Getting comfortable with changes that life brings
  • Enjoying life

Hypnosis has been very successful in the treatment of

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Great help of the physician!

The treating physician is responsible for establishing a diagnosis of ADHD and carefully discuss the standard treatment options. The physician should be aware that parents may use alternative therapies in ADHD children, should ask about these at follow-up visits, and should be prepared to share information with families .The physician should provide balanced advice on a range of treatment options, identify risks or potential harmful effects, and inform patients about placebo effects and the need for controlled studies. It is important to establish and maintain a trusting relationship with families.

Q & A about hypnosis for ADD and ADHD

Does hypnosis really work for people with ADD and ADHD?

Yes, it can work for any human being who is mentally stable, sober and wants to overcome negative symptoms.

What is the most important thing for someone with ADD and/or ADHD, who is seeking hypnosis, to know about it?

Choose a certified hypnotherapist, if not a psychologist or psychiatrist who is trained in hypnosis, for maximum benefit.   Choose one who has experience with ADHD, or ask your psychologist or psychiatrist to suggest one.

How long the hypnotic treatment for ADD and ADHD usually lasts?

Average session lasts for not more than 1.5 hours, but usually 45-60 minutes. Dr. Tsan recommends 6-10 hypnotherapy sessions per course of treatment and usually combines it with homeopathic remedies and other alternative techniques.

Does health insurance cover hypnotherapy treatment for ADD or ADHD?

No, it does not.

How expensive is hypnosis for ADD and ADHD?

Please see our price list page