Hypnosis for Stop Smoking Philadelphia

Why Hypnosis for Stop Smoking is the most effective

Stopping smoking is a real problem for many people. In today’s world, when everyone understands the consequences of smoking more and more people looking for the best solution. Quitting smoking is one of the most important things that can help people to stay healthy and fit for a long time and live a beautiful life enjoying every day of it. Smoking is an unsafe, and in many cases fatal tradition that came to us from the previous generation. Smoking is a well-known primary cause of oncological conditions. This dangerous habit escalates the possibility of heart diseases, brain hemorrhages, lung cancer, asthma and numerous of supplementary medical conditions, including osteoporosis and cataracts.


Never give up if you failed to stop smoking once or twice. There are many ways to achieve this goal and well-known, most conventional methods like hypnosis for stop smokingpharmaceutical drugs and skin patches, anti-nicotine gums; electronic cigarettes are not on the top of the list of the most useful. All these treatments are popular only because pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars for advertisement. The effectiveness of these “official” pills and devices is as low as 13 percent; however smokers are surrounded by these ads on radio, TV and Internet, and they are psychologically forced to use them.

It is very unfortunate, but the alternative providers cannot afford the competition with pharmaceutical giants.  These medical practitioners, whose arsenal includes vigorous and efficient treatment techniques are off the market because possible clients don’t have access to information about these forms of treatment. People who are planning to quit smoking should be aware of alternative methods (acupuncture, clinical hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and homeopathic remedies) that can help to get rid of the habit. Many clinical studies that discovered the effectiveness of alternative treatments for nicotine addiction hidden from societies in the depth of the huge piles of the expensive pharmaceutical over counter items. They are sold everywhere – in each pharmacy, each supermarket, and each general store. These items have beautiful, bright and shiny packaging and attract everyone’s attention. Millions of dollars invested in the research of how to present these medicines to force smokers to buy them and not in the development of the effective drugs and procedures. Simply take a look at the ingredients of all these pills, lozenges, and gums on the pharmacies’ shelves. You’ll be surprised, but they all the same and all contain nicotine.

The idea behind it is very simple. By chewing nicotine gums, swallowing pills or attaching patches smokers infuse in their blood stream same nicotine that they supposed to get from the cigarettes. Does it help? Not at all. When at some point smoker stops the use of lozenges and patches he comes back to cigarettes. But this is not the only reason for the ineffectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs in smoking cessation treatment. Smoking is not about nicotine only – it’s much more about the habit of holding a cigarette between fingers and in particular between lips. Just for a second, think about the smoking process. A smoker holds a cigarette between upper and lower lips performing at the same time sucking movements. Doesn’t it remind you a baby that sucks milk from mother’s breast?

Stop smokingYes, exactly, and that’s why this habit is so strong. The sucking is the instinct developed by the Mother Nature, and there are no pills or gums that can substitute it. It lays deep in the archives of the subconscious mind, and it can be changed only by amending of the subconscious aspect of the mental system.

“What mind created – the only mind can change.”

So far hypnosis is the only one known way of influence to that dark part of the human spirit. That’s what pharmaceutical companies are hiding from the public. The cheapest way to make a billion dollars profit is to sell tablets filled with nicotine in a beautiful package, and that’s what smokers are paying for.

What Is Hypnosis for Quit Smoking Philadelphia

Hypnosis is known as a form of transformed responsiveness when an individual seems to be either asleep or in a trance-like state. Even if asleep the hypnotized patient is highly concentrated on the voice of the hypnotherapist accepting all instructions given by a practitioner and moving them into the broad collections of the subconscious mind. Clinical hypnotherapy commonly used for healing of numerous somatic and mental disorders. Nowadays, hypnosis successfully used for pain control, weight loss, treatment of common speech disorders (stuttering, cluttering, apraxia, jamming, etc.), as well as for nicotine, alcohol, and drug addictions.

Hypnosis for stop smoking Philadelphia

Hypnosis is the leading choice of treatment for all kind of addictions including nicotine. The strongest part of hypnosis for stop smoking is that using hypnosis and hypnotherapy medical practitioner can talk directly to the patient’s subconscious mind and change the behavior pattern from inside. The most advanced hypnotherapists usually use the unique technique called “life regression,” which is similar to a time machine. Using “life regression” hypnotherapist brings a patient back in time to the moment when this individual smoked his first cigarette. While individual is in a hypnotic trance virtually located in that “past time” hypnotherapist preventing the patient from smoking the very first cigarette and after the completion of the hypnotic session, a patient doesn’t remember that he/she ever smoked.

The weak side of hypnosis for stop smoking, however, is that hypnosis for stop smoking treats only the mental portion of the addiction and cannot prevent the chemical part of the medical condition. This fact explains why most of the hypnotherapists can show a positive result in 40-50 percent of cases only.

Dr. Tsan uses Hhypnosis for stop smoking Philadelphia

The reason why Dr. Tsan’s clinic ranked #1 stop smoking program in Philadelphia by Fox29 and PHL17 for three years in a row is because Dr. Tsan also certified acupuncturist and homeopath. Using these two fantastic methods along with hypnosis for stop smoking Dr. Tsan starts each treatment with a detox program. The acupuncture protocol NADA and homeopathic remedies that contain Lobelia widely recognized as the best detox approach. The combination of all three methods makes the stop smoking program – the most comprehensive and efficient.

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