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Overeating and Overweight at some point may bring you to Stomach Mind Band.

Energy is usually speak of as calories. Employing more energy than you consume attaining overweight. When you convert energy into calories, you would need to consume smaller amount of calories than you spend. On a general note, 3500 calories equal a pound of weight. Consequently, if you expend the equivalent of 3500 calories or energy or eat 3500 fewer calories than you normally do, you will lose one pound of weight. By calculation, you would be a pound lighter by the end of the week if you eat 500 fewer calories daily.

Notably, overeating is the primary cause of obesity in people, whoever wishes to overcome obesity must be smart enough to control their cravings because the more you eat, the heavier you would become. Controlling your desire implies that you keep away from food until your meal times. It also means that you need to begin to exercise your body with a daily workout plan to assist you stay focused and committed. While all the above schemes are proven to work, if you indeed desire to get slim fast then you would need much more that. Visiting the gym and controlling your desire for food though still a viable option will require a staunch determination and a great deal of time because backtracking could lead to a backlash.

The stomach band (also referred to as a lap band) during the last decade has grown to become a famous surgical procedure for those who desire to shed some weight. It is where an inflatable silicone tool placed near the top portion of the stomach to assist with weight loss. The placement of the band creates a little pouch at the top of the stomach such that the capacity of the stomach shrinks and reduces. The pouch holds about half a cup of food whereas the average stomach holds about 6 cups of food. The pouch gets filled with food swiftly, and the band slows the passage of food from the pouch to the lower area of the stomach. When the upper part of the stomach signals that it is full, it messages the brain that the entire stomach is full. This makes an individual to be less hungry, feel full quickly and for a longer period than the usual way. This encourages a person to eat in a bit, thus, loses weight over time. Though this surgery is less invasive and safer than other kinds of surgery such as the stomach stapling, it is not risk-free. In addition, the high costs involved are a potential gridlock for many people.

What is Stomach Mind Band?

Scientists and researchers across the globe are of the opinion that one of the essential determiners of sound health, well-being, and personal improvement and growth resides so much in understanding the connection between the mind and the body. The trick to convincing the subconscious mind that a stomach band has been placed around the neck of the stomach is an instance of making use of this mind-body connection. The Stomach mind band is a hypnosis process that that promises to transform the lives of overly overweight and obese people who seemed to have reached a deadlock at losing weight employing other available options. Stomach mind band is a replacement for an actual Stomach Bypass Surgery with an alternative based on hypnosis aimed at getting the same result of reducing the quantity of food the stomach can take in at a meal. Though this form of surgery of the mind is not new, its application in the discipline of weight loss is groundbreaking. It is important to note that hypnotherapists Martin and Marion Shirran are the brainboxes behind the concept of Gastric mind band who have experienced success at marketing their trademarked product in Europe through the Elite Clinics of Spain. Similar, but more advanced treatment program Stomach mind band is inexpensive and safer than going under the knife. In addition, it is less strict on how long you munch food and what you consume but the concept of eating in small portions is compulsory during hypnosis sessions.

Interestingly, hypnotherapy in general and Stomach Mind Band particularly is an alternative to the status quo; this gridlock can be removed through this process. Rather than go under the knife, your subconscious mind can instead be convinced by a clinical hypnotherapist who performs Stomach Mind Band that you have undergone this process. You can be guided into a trance and be talked through the process as if it were actually happening. Importantly, your conscious self  tells you that you underwent a hypnotherapy session while your subconscious self  convinces you that you received surgery. A Stomach mind band procedure costs much lower than a surgery would, and neither has no any risks or side effects. Your body remains the same; it is the subconscious mind, the one responsible for automatic urges and habits acts as if an actual surgery has taken place. Once you begin to eat less, weight loss will be the knock on effect over time. Thus, if you are considering having a surgery or you are just interested in losing weight, then the Stomach mind band is what you give a shot.

During the hypnosis sessions of Stomach mind band, you are repeatedly asked to paint a mental picture of yourself looking slim, smart, charming, happy and healthy; hence, your subconscious mind accepts this vision as your new self-image that you aim to attain. Once this new image of yourself is rooted in your subconscious mind, then it becomes more appealing and desirable to you than the temptation of eating that will make it more difficult for you to attain your goal. In other words, the long-term advantages of being healthy and smart outweigh the short-term satisfaction you may savor from eating a piece of chocolate.

How the Stomach mind band works?

How Can You Convince Your Subconscious Mind You Had Surgery When You Never Did? A patient asked to picture in her mind that her stomach had shrunk to the size of a golf ball. Her response to the hypnotic suggestion was massive and productive; this is evidenced by the significant weight she lost. She had dropped from a dress size of 22 to a 14 in the first four months of her Stomach mind band. The patient’s experience of her stomach band installation was real to her as she explained the procedures in a detailed manner. She recollected being wheeled into the operation room, the smell of anesthesia, and the sound of the knife the surgeon was planning to employ on her. A similar experience was discussed by another patient who weighed 345 pounds when she requested for help from a hypnotherapist in California tutored by Dr. Tsan – the creator of the Stomach mind band. She felt her weight had taken over the reign of her life when she was 47. However, 10 months after following the Stomach mind band, she had lost about 120 pounds and now back in the driver’s seat of her life.

In conclusion, the Stomach mind band is a new easy way that you can undergo to lose weight and which does not involve laborious exercises and the pains of paying subscription fees for a gym. This new method involves using a stomach band to lose weight. Yes, you can slim your way down by just making use of a stomach band. This is essential as the subconscious mind is in charge of your usual habits. If it thinks you no longer can eat much then, it will behave accordingly. It isn’t a problem that the conscious part of the mind knows that you haven’t undergone surgery – the two can coexist just fine with different beliefs. Though this will not happen overnight, you are going to realize that it works when you step on a weight machine and drop your jaw in disbelief!

Stomach mind band by Dr.Tsan is different compared to Gastric Mind Band by Martin Shirran.

Stomach mind band is a medical procedure that includes clinical hypnotherapy as well as medical herbology, homeopathy and ear acupuncture. This method developed by the Dr. Tsan – Medical Director of the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic. Aside from Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions, patients receive herbal medications developed by the world recognized Tibetan monks. In addition, each hypnotic session combined with acupuncture treatment that helps to keep appetite low and at the same time increases the metabolism. Dr. Tsan has confidence in hypnotherapy as one of the most effective treatments for overweight individuals; however, in countless cases obese individuals may need more effort to overcome “starvation”. In addition, because hypnotherapy in Stomach Mind Band only controls the quantity of nutrients consumed supplementary treatment is essential for individuals with low metabolism. This is the phase of treatment when auricular (ear) acupuncture and Tibetan Herbal Medicines become significant in the whole set of modalities incorporated in term Stomach mind band.

The clinical trials indicate that the helpfulness of the Gastric Mind Band by Shirrans is as high as 70%. At the same time effectiveness of Stomach mind band by Dr. Tsan reaches 85 and in many cases even 89 per cent of success. It is a well-known fact that numerous of individuals who underwent Stomach mind band are totally in control of their appetite after 4-5 sessions while Gastric Mind Band requires 7-8 and sometime even more treatments.

Nevertheless, the most important reason why majority of patients choose Stomach mind band over Gastric Mind Band is because Dr. Tsan first of all is a Medical Doctor and hypnotherapy is just one of the countless medical techniques that he uses in his medical practice. As a physician, Dr. Tsan is able to pinpoint and understand the core of the obese, which in majority of cases is an endocrine disorder (failure of either thyroid or cortex glands). Professional use of optimal for each particular case medical techniques gives Dr. Tsan additional weapons to fight obesity. Stomach mind band is one of the most effective and fundamental weight loss treatments available for just a portion of price of real surgical lap band.


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