Weight loss hypnosis in Philadelphia by Dr. Tsan

Weight Loss starts with hypnotherapy

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a patient can close the eyes and fall asleep and 1 hour later get up having a strong determination for weight loss? The good thing is that it is real and by using hypnotherapy for weight loss it can be achieved.

The indication for clinical hypnotherapy to benefit in weight loss sounds so fantastic that many patients become skeptical. However Dr. Tsan – Medical Director of our clinic and licensed clinical hypnotherapist, said: “It works.”

Weight Loss

Hostile with extra weight is one of the supreme and utmost challenging dares the biggest part of the population is opposing today. It is not the heaviness or the nutrients itself it is the endless mental fight concerning sensation that a woman has to starve herself to make her appearance younger, happier, sexier, and overindulging when she understands she just can’t do it to any further extent.

Dr. Tsan likes assisting folks to fight their problems with nutrients and weightiness more than everything else for the reason that he comprehends this adjustment as a facilitator for a lot of different things in his patients’ lives.  When his patients realize that they know how to win the war they were involved in for years, they start to recuperate a governance over their health, financial status and social involvements. Dr. Tsan founds many of his patients undergoing a new level of sureness in self-confidence, which they never even expected.

The victory in a weight loss battle gives people a new load of energy, of self-possession, of hungriness for happy life. This transformation is amazing and it worth every penny.

The dissimilarity in Dr. Tsan‘s methodology is that he completely recognizes mental factors that make patients fight against their eating routines. The hypnosis by itself can help an individual to advance more self-confidence and to enhance the level of control over their habits and routines. Opposite to a simple hypnosis that usually performed by a practitioner who never underwent a serious education in psychology and psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapist can reveal the mental factors behind the craving and obsession to foodstuff. It is very important component of weight loss program because individuals who had been treated with a simple hypnosis procedures frequently backslides to their original habits 3 – 4 months after a treatment. That’s why it is so important to find a good and well-trained practitioner who is able to treat this complicated type of “addiction”.
Dr. Tsan‘s professional education started from medical school and then continued at different colleges and institutes in Europe and here in US. Dr. Tsan has additional training focused on treating of different forms of eating disorders and problems with overweight and obesity. Dr. Tsan also holds numerous different certificates in clinical hypnotherapy. He is the founder and developer of Stomach Mind Band hypnotherapy technique that makes patient believe that the patient’s stomach is clipped with the plastic band, which significantly reduces the size of the stomach.

The perspective of being mesmerized (another term for hypnosis in honor of Dr. Mesmer – developer of the hypnotherapy) very often scares people. All they know about hypnotherapy is what they see on TV. Majority of people do not understand the difference between clinical hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis, which can be interpreted as “comedy show”. Anyways, the opportunity to lose weight while the hypnotist murmurs something into patients’ ear usually drowns these uncertainties away.

Pre-treatment for weight loss

Usually one week prior to weight loss treatment, Dr. Tsan discusses with the patient future diet and exercise lifestyles. This initial pre-treatment visit is always free of charge. Some people are significantly overweight, but some just tend to eat regardless of the fact they are hungry or not. For those patients the objective of the hypnotherapy is to control the propensity to eat too much and as an alternative, consume reduced servings.

Getting hypnotized for weight loss.

Dr. Tsan always performs individual hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss. No group sessions, no use of pre-recorded treatments. In Dr. Tsan’s hypnotarium (the room specially decorated for hypnotherapy sessions) a patient lays in a wide and very comfortable reclining armchair. Dr. Tsan is always on a distance of approximately 6 -10 feet from a patient and there is no physical contact between a patient and Dr. Tsan from the beginning and until the end of weight loss treatment procedure. In the beginning Dr. Tsan asks to keep eyes open and to look to the ceiling where on a screen he displays different slides. At the same time Dr. Tsan starts what he calls an induction phase of procedure and a patient feels that the brain functions are diminishing and the brain falling into a trance-like state. At some point the patient’s eyes close and the conscious minds are turning off. At that point a patient is extremely focused on Dr. Tsan’s speech.

The full procedure usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, but for a patient in trance it feels like 7 – 10. In the end of session after all instructions are said Dr. Tsan counts down from 5 and on count 1 and a patient gets back to reality, opens eyes and starts communicating. Most of patients report after the completion of procedure: “I experienced a complete relaxation, but on a wake-up phase my body suddenly received a load of energy… After my mind came back I realized I’m motivated for weight loss.”


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